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Our approach on Coffee Co-Packaging reflects the people we serve. We offer low minimums starting at just 50 lbs.

We are 100% committed to quality, turnaround time and customer service.

When we set up shop, we had no intention of getting into the coffee co-packaging business.

Our business started off like many others out of necessity.

We started off as a small roaster and distributor.

Reaska was formed after we realized turnaround times, order minimums, and cost of packaging equipment make it unrealistic for small roasters or most roasters to cost-effectively produce single-serve pods.

Reaska Inc offers a large variety of services. We wanted to be more than a traditional co-packer we wanted to be a one-stop-shop and resource for our customers. In order for us to do this, we partner with the greatest companies in the coffee industry. These partnerships allow us to offer custom packaging from lids, bags, boxes. Besides high-quality green coffee, and direct distribution for our customers.

Unlike our competitors, we do more than just package coffee. We grind, package, box, and dropship.

We also believe that all single serves should be treated with UVCA light and nitrogen flushed for the best product.